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 Rules Of Server And Forum.

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Rules Of Server And Forum. Empty
PostSubject: Rules Of Server And Forum.   Rules Of Server And Forum. Icon_minitimeThu Jan 05, 2012 5:51 am

Rules Of Numbskulls Minecraft Server

- No griefing is allowed on the server. Yes, this is a cliché rule but one that's necessary. No blowing up people's creations for the fun of it.

- No unauthorized access. In order to be a member of the server you must register a free account here and sign up in the sign up section.

- Do not argue or flame other people, especially not admins. This is annoying and will get you banned.

- Don't spam the chat. Nobody wants to see thousands of messages.

- No hacking/attacking the server. Don't be a douche, if you don't like the server then stay away from it, don't try to ruin it for others.

Rules Of Forum

- No spamming the forums - Please don't spam the forums with pointless threads.

- No asking to be made admin. You won't be, only four admins is all there will ever be.

- If you're banned from the forum you will have been banned for a reason, don't make a new account or that will be banned too. Remember we can see your I.P address.

- No posting pornography or other mature content. This forum must be kept clean.

- The codeword for signing up is: Jon Litt

- Flaming/arguing is not allowed. So don't do it. If you must settle a score, do it in PM.

- Don't spam the chatbox. You will be banned from chatting.

- Don't try to hack/attack the forum. Self explanatory.
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Rules Of Server And Forum.
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